Hi there, a very warm welcome to The Life Atlas.

I have created this space as a platform for people like me who love to travel but also love to live a full, adventurous life whilst back at home. On my blog you will find travel tips and advice from countries I have visited and DIY projects, recipes and lifestyle tips from my life back home in Austalia.

A little about me:

My name is Britney, I am 25 years old with an unsatisfiable urge to travel the globe, one country at a time. Since the day I started travelling I haven’t stopped and to be honest I don’t plan to. Unlike most people I have always felt comfortable in my own skin, but travelling has help me find my voice which is something that I had always struggled with.

When I am not travelling I am filling my life with little projects or cooking up a storm to keep myself entertained. I believe happiness is your biggest asset, happy people are beautiful people and you should always aspire to find the good in a situation because at the end of the day whatever will be, will be.

Unlike most bloggers I love my job. I am a marine biologist/ zoologist so you will see my life to date revolves around nature, keeping active and living a healthy, soul quenching life!!

I live with my partner who is a marine biologist and keen surfer – our Golden Retriever x Labrador puppy, Luna and my housemate who is a dietician. We are like one big happy family *insert family Xmas photo here, cheesy grins and all*

Why start a travel-lifestyle blog?

Over the years I have spent much of my free time (and much of my not-so-free time.. oops!!) reading incredible travel and lifestyle blogs. I pass on this knowledge to close friends who have always encouraged me to start a platform such as this to share my own experiences. It has taken me quite a while to muster some courage and just get on with it, but here I am!!

I hope that these pages are a source of never-ending encouragement, motivation and inspiration for you to live a complete, adventurous and happy life.

Lots of love,
Brit xxx

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