Candle Making 101

Candle Making 101

Where can I buy the materials

I buy all of my supplies from Eroma. This company is the cheapest I have found in Australia and the quality of the product is impeccable. Eroma release new fragrances each month that you can pick up for 99 cents for a 30ml bottle and they ship extremely quickly. They sell everything you could possible need to start making candles from hot glue guns to measuring jugs through to candle wax and candle jars for the same price large companies would purchase them. There are hundreds of scents to choose from and even offer the same scents and glass jars that Glasshouse sell – double win I say!!

How much material should I buy

This really depends on how many candles you think you will be making. Eroma sell starter packs you can purchase to give it a go and see if you enjoy it. They come with everything you need to get started and make 6 tumbler size candles.

In my case I make one or two medium-large candles every few months and like to order in ‘bulk’ to save money on shipping. I often get 5kgs of soy wax, I choose as many scents as I feel I will use (often a mix of the new scents and my favourites) and I purchase 3-4 colour dye blocks. Most of the time I leave my candles uncoloured as they look great in natural, however, if you are looking to colour your candles grab some dye blocks. Once you have the dye blocks you will rarely need to replace them, they last for ages.

What scents have I used

All of the scents I have purchased I end up loving. They are all quite different so I suggest choosing scents that you like e.g. sweet, refreshing or calming they pretty much have combination you can imagine and some you can’t even imagine. I like to get a mix, the ones I have tried and love are caramel/vanilla, lemon meringue, musk sticks, fudge brownie, vanilla bean, dragons blood (love this one its very different), cotton candy, pomegranate champagne and raspberry/ vanilla.

How much wax do I need for one candle

Typically 100g of soy wax is pretty much equivalent to 100ml. So if you have bought your jars from a shop they often have the amount they hold on the tag, if you are using old condiment containers you have lying around your house it will be written on the label.

How much scent should I add to the wax

The general rule of thumb is 8-10% of the total wax liquid quantity. I generally go with the 10% option, so to work this out simply multiple the milligrams of wax by 10% (e.g. 500ml x 0.10 = 50ml of scent needs to be added). Don’t add the scent directly into the hot wax, once you transfer it from the pot into the measuring jug let it cool for a little while to avoid all the fragrance evaporating into the air and not setting in the wax.

Ok, now you are ready to make your very own candle. See my Candle Making page for details.

What did you think of this post? Do you have any other questions about candle making? If so ask away and i will do my best to answer them. Happy candle-ing 🙂

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