The Life Atlas

Hi there!! I’m Brit, a very warm welcome to The Life Atlas.

I created this space as a platform for people like me who love to travel but also love to live a full, adventurous life when back home. 

On this blog you will find travel tips and tricks, DIY projects and recipes.

A little about me

I started travelling back in 2012 with my partner, Sam. We decided that their had to be more to life than the ‘societal dream’ of work-sleep-eat-repeat.

So one day we packed our lives into a backpack and embarked on a 3 month trip around South America – this started the wanderlust cycle. Since this day we have not stopped travelling and, to be honest, we don’t plan to!!!

When I am not travelling I am filling my life with little projects or cooking up a storm to keep myself entertained and happy.

I believe happiness is your biggest asset, happy people are beautiful people and you should always aspire to find the good in ever situation because at the end of the day whatever will be, will be.

Unlike most bloggers I love my job and still work full-time.I am a marine biologist/ zoologist so you will see my travel revolves around nature, keeping active and living a healthy, soul-quenching life!!

I hope that these pages are a source of never-ending encouragement, motivation and inspiration for you to live a complete, adventurous and happy life.

Happy travelling, Brit 🙂